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31 Jul 2015 

Pepsi: Brewing up viral magic

FORTUNE -- Pepsi Max might not be the only brand that debuted a television spot during last night's Game 1 of the NBA Finals with hopes that the campaign goes viral. But it is the only one entering the process backwards.

Much like with the Super Bowl and the Olympics, marketers want to capitalize on the millions who tune in to watch Kevin Durant and LeBron James go head to head. (An average of just over 17 million viewers tuned in last year UpViral Review to watch Dirk Nowitzki down James and his South Beach crew.) Joining them this year will be a grizzled old veteran, "Uncle Drew," who made waves last month in a Pepsi Max video on YouTube. In the five-minute clip, "Uncle Drew" amuses, then mesmerizes, a pick-up basketball game and its fans with crossovers and dunks unbecoming of a white-bearded, paunch-carrying old man, and only possible because the true identity of "Uncle Drew" was a carefully disguised young basketball star, the clip's writer-director Kyrie Irving.

Pepsi Max's brand team put out the video without any media buys on May 18, just several days after Irving won the NBA's Rookie of the Year award in a landslide. Between Irving's crossovers and that fortuitous timing, "Uncle Drew" has been watched over 9 million time on YouTube, with a 98% positive feedback rate of "likes" to "dislikes."

The PepsiCo brand


realized it had a hit on its hands for a low-cost, which has led to an unusual move--the transition of an ad spot from YouTube video to primetime television spot. While the use of online teasers and viral campaigns has become one of the new staples of Super Bowl advertising, the "Uncle Drew" strategy is more speculative and much less expensive.

MORE: 5 Ways the Super Bowl ad playbook has changed

With Super Bowl advertising, long-tailed campaigns such as a product launch tend to outperform one-off commercials, according to marketing expert Derek Rucker of Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. High profile television spots have a better return when a part of a broader effort that out lives the event itself. Marketers now push to stretch out the time of relevance of their spots, from teasers to user contests and follow-up ads.

"Uncle Drew" will go about this backwards, with the push for viral online momentum predating the high-profile spot. Pepsi Max is sitting on what is close to a sure thing. Even then, Pepsi Max brand team member Sam Duboff, who led creation and development of the piece, says "Uncle Drew" had to satisfy three major metrics in order to justify its adaptation into a television segment. "Uncle Drew" had to keep viewers engaged, hit the brand's target demographic, and generate its own legs through word UpViral Review of mouth. With 80% of viewers watching through the 4-minute mark, a 82.1% male viewer group that skewed towards the brand's core 25-44 age group, and over 5 million views from embedded YouTube players suggesting the viewer watched over a media site or Facebook


, Duboff and his team hit all three.

The 30-second version of the ad will appear in Games 1, 2, and 3 of the Finals, and Pepsi Max will also buy advertising space towards an "ESPN takeover." Because Pepsi Max filmed the piece for its online efforts, Duboff says it can funnel the lion's share of its project budget into these later media buys. It's a model that other brand marketers will be sure to watch carefully. With Irving under contract and his award and the Finals coming up at the right time, Pepsi Max had several lucky factors break its way. But its general model, to UpViral Bonus focus on a high-quality online video and then be opportunistic in its follow-up investment, can work for many brands.

MORE: Fortune's 2011 40 Under 40

"There's always going to be room for the big, Super Bowl type commercial," Duboff says. "But with online distribution channels, there's room to be craftier." Expect other brands to scramble to add this trick to their strategic arsenal. The hard part will be finding the next character with moves like Uncle Drew's.

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30 Jul 2015 

27 Ideas To Make Extra Money

Making some extra money is always nice. No, actually, making extra money, is great! As everyone knows, right now the economy is struggling big time and people are hurting from all kinds of financial pressures. Unemployment, rising prices, wage cuts, tax hikes, and benefit cuts are all hitting people's wallets right now. Thinking about ways to make extra money and then executing on your ideas, can help people stay afloat during some rough times. Even if you haven't been hurt by the recession, making extra money can help you to meat financial goals and maybe get ahead a little quicker than you would have.

27 Great Ideas To Make Extra Money!

1. Shovel Driveways - This is a no brainer right now with all of the snow some places are getting. Put up some flyers around town or put a classified ad on Craigslist or the local newspaper to get the word out. If you own or have access to a good snow blower you may even be able to turn this idea into a seasonal business to make extra money every winter.

2. Mow Lawns - Similar to idea #1, but still worth mentioning as a way to earn extra money in the summer. Also could be another seasonal business idea too.

3. Do Topical Research for People Who Don't Have The Time - Those who are fast and diligent at doing high quality, accurate research could benefit from this money making idea. It Could be a valuable service to students, small business owners, bloggers, writers, and others. Just put an ad out on Craigslist or other classifieds, specifying the topics you will research and how much you charge, to see if there is any interest.

4. Sell Your Plasma - Look for places around your area that offer extra money for your plasma if you aren't too squeamish.

5. Tutor High School or College Students - If you have expertise or higher education in areas like science, math, history, or economics you could offer to tutor students for extra money.

6. Iron People's Clothes - Many people are too busy to keep up with daily chores like ironing their dress shirts. You could offer to come pick up, iron, and bring back people's clothes to make some extra money. Also don't forget, that you should be able to deduct any mileage and gas expenses on your taxes, but consult with a qualified tax advisor first.

7. Clean Houses - If you don't mind rolling up your sleeves and doing dirty work, cleaning houses in your spare time can be a lucrative way to make extra money.

8. Teach A Second Language - Even if you only know English there is still an opportunity to make extra money teaching those who don't speak it. If you do know a foreign language like Chinese or Spanish, then you probably have even greater odds to bring in some extra cash.

9. Cut Hair In Your Home - If you know how to cut hair well enough to not make people scream when you're done then you might think about out pricing your local salons and barbers by providing cheaper cuts in your basement or living room. Of course most states require a license to cut hair, but the probability of getting caught is likely to be low enough to risk any fines in order to make some extra money.

10. Write Cover Letters and Resumes For Jobseekers - With the horrendous job market there is sure to be demand for this service as jobseekers need to get their names out to as many prospective employers as possible. Plus if the economy bounces back there will always be people looking to change jobs.

11. Do Ghost Writing Assignments - This may be perfect for some UpViral Bonus of the really strong writers on Hubpages. Ghost writing can be done for blogs, magazine columns, or school assignments. Craigslist or both on and offline networking could help you to get ghost writing gigs, but sites like and can also help you to start taking on projects.

12. Do People's Grocery Shopping - You could charge a fee to go out and get peoples grocery's for them. It could even be possible to make even more money by proposing to save your customers as much money as you can when you do their shopping through coupons and shopping sales, if you get a cut of the savings.

13. Sell Your Hair - I have read that human hair can sell for hundreds of dollars or even thousands if long and nice enough. Though that type of pricing would most likely be at the high end. . It also has to be virgin (never colored or permed) and more than 10 inches long. You can sell it at Ebay or there is a site called that you can place $20.00 add on for 3 months to try and sell your hair. The Online Hair Affair also looks like a viable option for selling hair.

14. Sign Up For A Paid Clinical Trial - Companies like Quintiles frequently run studies testing different drugs and pharmaceutical products out before they go to market. Here is their clinical research information page. There is also a site called that can direct you towards a clinical trial.

15. Run Errands For People - Busy people may have all kinds of daily errands that they would love to pay someone to take care of for them. If your flexible enough and have enough room in your schedule this may be the way for you to make some extra money.

16. Enter A Viral Video Contest And Win! - Bloggers, websites, corporations, and other types of sponsors offer up viral video contests every so often. For example James Altucher recently held this one on his blog ending Feb. 1, 2011 were $1,000 was up for grabs.

17. Set Up A Car Wash - You could place a classified ad locally and have people schedule appointments at your house or you could also try to pitch a local business in your area to use their parking lot space to hold an all day car wash.

18. Contract to Clean Office Buildings - Network with local business owners to find possible side work tidying up and cleaning office buildings. This could probably bring in as much as $100-$200 extra per month just from fairly easy weekend work.

19. Make Meals For Specific Diet Plans - If you are good at preparing and cooking foods and are able to do so, while meeting certain ingredient and health criteria for those that require a specific diet, this could be a great way to make extra money. You could make and prepare the meals at your own home or show up at your customer's home and cook them.

20. Watch And Care For Pets (Pet Sitting) - Animal lovers can make money on the side by checking in on pets while their owners are away. All they have to do is show up every day and fill up their food and water bowls, clean up after them, and probably take them outside. Those not comfortable with big animals could specify a size limit or only care for small animals like rodents, reptiles, fish, or maybe snakes if they don't find them to scary.

21. Dress Up Like It's Halloween When It's Not - Standing outside of some retail store with an obnoxious outfit may not be the most glamorous thing you could do, but If you can make some extra money why not. Plus no one will actually know it's you!

22. Make A Fool Of Yourself In Public - In my hub about getting free books and free cable TV I mentioned how billionaire, Alki David reportedly paid a man $ 1 million What is UpViral? to streak in front of President Obama with the name of his website plastered on his chest. My father had a friend who streaked through a wedding for a lot less. For those who won't allow public embarrassment to stand in the way of making some extra money, there are all kinds of humiliating dares that your friends and enemy's alike would surely pay to see. Of course if you do something that could get you arrested, like streaking, be sure the financial reward is great enough to more than cover fines and court costs.

23. Rent Out A Room - Renting out a room in your house can bring in an extra $200-$600 or even more a month, depending on how nice the house is and what area you live in. Of course you would want to put all of the living arrangements in paper and review the UpViral Review landlord laws that apply to your state.

24. Rent Out Storage Space - Do you have extra storage space that's not being used for anything? Maybe your home has lots of room in the attic or basement that could be monetized. Or maybe the business you own has parking lot space and visibility that people trying to sell boats or cars would be willing to pay to utilize. Again you would want to document everything and do some research on how to protect yourself legally, but this could be a nice way to make some extra money.

25. Make Bets That You Already Know The Answer To - This one is kind of a mean way to make some extra cash, but I bring it up mainly because of a personal anecdote that I remembered while starting to write this hub. One of my parent's friends used to make bets like this with his daughter. She was a know it all teenager at the time and thought she had all the answers. Her and her dad would get into arguments about trivia and she would be so convinced that she was right that she would put money on it. He of course would make sure to check the facts out and then bet. He ended up winning his daughter's allowance back more times than I can remember. So If you have a lot of no it all acquaintances who are willing to put their money where their mouth is, you can make extra cash and teach them a lesson.

26. Make $5 Per Task - Basically Fiverr is a site that allows people to propose simple tasks that they will do for $5. Or people can make requests that they are willing to pay $5 for. Tasks can include making short 2 or 3 minute videos, writing a birthday card to someone's loved one, building a basic website, etc. It's not a lot, but if you can find something quick & easy that you are good at and can do over and over again, then you can make some easy extra money.

27. Maybe Just Ask? - Of course everyone is familiar with panhandling, so yes people can get money just by asking. What about using the internet? Say for example, could a site like Youtube be used as a way to simply ask and receive money? Well it was recently reported that a Brooklyn comedian named Craig Rowin had successfully become a millionaire by simply asking through You Tube. Check out his video below.

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22 Jul 2015 

Anik Singal’s List Academy Review – Is It The Best Email Marketing Course?

Maximize conversions...Maximize conversions...

If you have an list of e-mail subscribers that anyone simply market to, or even if you certainly tend to be a newbie whom wants to obtain the feet wet together with e-mail marketing, then you might be interested in checking out this new plan via Anik Singal called "List Academy".

Note: Checklist Academy is coming soon - Leading up towards the program's launch, Anik provides just released a new E-book -  "The email Lifeline" - Click Here to Download it Now with regard to FREE (limited period only...)

So, very first off, this plan isn't obtainable yet. I is going to be changing this submit in the coming weeks to allow you understand much more about Record Academy and provide an individual having a total report on your program that will allow anyone everything you will learn, what you'll get, my personal opinion about list Academy, and so forth. for now, I just wanted to allow you realize that it is coming, and offer you a bit bit of an overview around the program.

I'm likely List Academy Review to start by sharing my own thoughts about what's so great with regards to e-mail marketing. Obviously if you are a seasoned marketer you then most likely know this stuff, but I desired to contain it for that noobs... Consequently in the big event you will become more experienced just scroll down a new bit...

Most Internet marketers creating 6 Figures in addition agree in which marketing using email is actually certainly 1 of the particular best, highest ROI marketing actions possibilities are your own occasion on.

In fact, I am aware very, hardly any marketers that are making actual money (20K+/month) whom don't get e-mail mailing lists they marketplace to end up being able to on the consistent, strategic basis...

Sure, I am aware a couple of internet marketers that emphasis entirely in purchasing visitors after which sending which visitors to affiliate offers with out capturing email addresses, but there exists a substantial studying curve regarding that type of thing, also it needs a sizable up front investment.

Email advertising about one other hand is actually ridiculously inexpensive to have began with, and it a factor that can certainly end up being scaled approximately six figures plus, with out the need to make investments hardly any funds from virtually any point across the way. Inside fact, I know people making hundreds of thousands per month inside gross profit, with email lists in which just have like 100K names in them!

(I know, these might appear being a quite ridiculous figures in the big event you are simply getting started using this stuff... Nevertheless thats why this truly is this kind of thrilling industry.)

Plus, another cool thing about email marketing may be the fact that you don't need to worry about constantly purchasing targeted traffic so as to create sales. When you tend to be doing things right you are generally in any position to just keep selling for your list more than and furthermore over again, and produce a ton involving sales each each time that an individual simply hit send! pretty sweet indeed...

What is Anik's "List Academy" all About?

As I mentioned, the particular program has not been introduced yet as well as I is planning to be adding the actual all of the details as I obtain them. but here's the basic overview...

The course focuses about what to do together with your email list in order to get maximum value out of it. The Actual sad truth is always that a new lot of people who build lists are absolutely throwing funds away simply by not necessarily talking to their lists, and also offering in his or her mind effectively. I am aware this just about all for you to well since I've completed it my self in multiple niche markets that I have/had lists in.

Most times when individuals tend to be starting out using e-mail marketing they do not truly have a plan. Certain they will have a welcome message they send out, and also usually some sort of autoresponder series which they distribute the initial week as well as two, within an make an effort to bond with their lists and get some revenue coming in. However following that, most people begin to drop your ball. Generally there really are generally a ton of mistakes that people make, from becoming "afraid" to sell, to not mailing enough, for you to sounding generic and boring, and so on. The Actual record goes on and also on...

So - inside the course Anik is going to exhibit anyone how to speak to the list the proper way, and also the very best ways to promote provides in their mind so that you'll end up being able to get the maximum value out of each as well as every and also every name on the own list.

The fact can be an optin list is definitely an ASSET that anyone simply own, however unlike a traditional asset just just like a stock or even a bond that will you don't control the value of, with an list the amount of money that you can get out associated with it truly is approximately you and regardless involving whether you're communicating together with your list effectively.

You may often hear the saying "The funds are within the list", yet savvy marketers whom have been across the block realize that isn't actually true.

Instead, the amount involving money will be inside the RELATIONSHIP that will you've with your list. Along With on this program Anik is going to educate you've to build along with nurture which relationship to ensure that you'll be in any position to extract maximum value.

What A Person Discover & Everything You Get...

I is going to be filling in the details on this as I have them, nevertheless basically what you are usually likely to understand is exactly how to monetize your own record effectively. Anik features something that he calls his "email life-cycle" he will be planning to give you, that is going to exhibit that anyone simply methodical approach to talk to your own list in order to create a strong relationship where these people know, just like as well as trust you, and wish to choose the products along with services that anyone simply supply them, whether as well as not like a affiliate as well as as a item owner.

There will possibly be details about the distinct approaches to promote low-ticket, mid-range along with high-ticket offers, nd I would assume which Anik will be also which includes content material in the way to develop your current record and acquire new leads to maintain factor developing and flowing...

My Recommendation:

Because I haven't stood a chance to look more than the complete plan but I truly can't provide a definitive recommendation as regarding this point. In Which getting said, I happen to be a huge fan of Anik's formerly released training applications similar to Gain Academy (not at present available) and the Inbox Blueprint... Inbox Blueprint is more with regards to constructing your record (as well as selling to your list) also it Anik Singal List Academy has become a new ton involving good results stories so in which you might prefer to check that will out too..

Note: Record Academy is coming soon - Leading up for the program's launch, Anik offers just released a new E-book -  "The E-mail Lifeline" - Click Here to Download it Now regarding FREE (limited occasion only...)

Alright, verify back again quickly for further details!


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20 May 2015 

Search for 15 Trapped Gold Miners Continues in Colombia

Search teams worked for any second day Thursday hunting with regard to 15 gold miners missing along with feared dead right after water poured to the underground shafts where these folks were digging.

Authorities stated Wednesday's accident with El Tunel mine in the northwestern town regarding Riosucio was likely triggered simply by an outburst or even power outage that disabled pumps accustomed to extract drinking water along with supply oxygen to crews operating as deep as 90 feet (27 meters) beneath ground.

Miner Yeison Gutierrez said he was able in order for you to save numerous colleagues because he was one of the actual few which knew how an individual can swim. He said one co-worker slipped via his hands and also didn't ensure it is higher than ground.

"I swam towards the surface fighting contrary to the h2o as well as the air pressure; that's how we were saved," Gutierrez informed The Particular Related Press in the mine where he has been assisting the particular search.

President Juan Manuel Santos called in rescuers for you to "spare simply no effort" inside the search.

Family members huddled near the mine throughout Wednesday night as crews utilized pumps in order to remove the water which raced in to 3 vertical shafts from the adjacent Cauca river. Authorities said it could consider at least 3 times to distinct the particular mine.

"Every hour, each and every Riverside SEO Expert minute and each 2nd which will go by the chances of finding survivors diminishes," stated Jaime Gallego, a new civil protection worker.

Mining accidents are common in Colombia but usually consider devote wildcat mines dominated by simply leftist rebels and also criminal gangs.

Natalia Gutierrez, the particular head regarding National Mining Agency, mentioned the mine that will collapsed Wednesday has been in the procedure for getting legalized. Nevertheless she advised Caracol television you will find questions regarding whether or perhaps certainly not the mine was complying with safety protocols.

The national ombudsman's office in Thursday referred in order to as in authorities to research the actual mine's owners with regard to negligence and reinforce controls in the estimated 3,000 various other semi-illegal mining projects that are seeking government authorization.

Gutierrez, the particular miner, mentioned workers are paid a portion of the gold these people extract, earnings in which range in between $400 along with $800 a new month.

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15 May 2015 

How To Use Google AdWords Success Formula The Easy Way! by John Soulliere

Get Immediate Access in order to More Than 100 Million Folks throughout less Than 10 Mins along with Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is not rocket science. But, it can always be a science.

There is a formula for achievement and it CAN be learned.

Those who discover it well produce a lot of funds online.

Those who master it make millions.

It will be THAT powerful.

This will be the quickest approach to create revenue on-line whilst avoiding items that many people dont enjoy like cold-calling prospects, looking forward to our websites to have detailed near the top of the actual research engines, working for a person else, etc.

This simple formula can easily allow anyone to just as much money as you will actually want in the large event you utilize it. you really dont want whatever else IF you MAXIMIZE this strategy.

Heres your EASIEST FASTEST approach to start making cash with Google AdWords marketing RIGHT NOW:

Open any Google AdWords account now together with $50-100 to end up being able to invest in advertising and also bid in at least 50 inexpensive crucial words. Lower cost important phrases are crucial term combinations that don't get oneself a great offer of targeted traffic (but they will get some) consequently the expense for each click can be VERY LOW.

You will find thousands of low cost important words by using your this keyword selector tool as well as typing within substantial price key phrases such as: just perform at home, home business, world wide web marketing, additional income, etc Sort these and other comparable important phrases into the keyword selector instrument then look along the checklist with regard to key phrase combinations with a Count within the left-hand column regarding 1000 or perhaps less (that # is just an estimate). The Particular lower the particular Count, the fewer individuals who research these key phrases and the lower value you may pay-per-click inside Google AdWords. By Simply spending affordable prices per click, youll get more guests and purchasers with regard to each dollar spent within advertising.

Most folks make the oversight associated with bidding in high priced crucial phrases since those are usually the ones getting the many traffic plus they feel thats the very best method to market their own site. Dont help make that will mistake. Informed marketers (like you) help to make HUGE lists involving low cost key words and also bid about them almost all to get traffic for their site. Inside fact, it just isn't unheard of pertaining to extremely successful Google AdWords users to bid on THOUSANDS regarding low priced important phrase combinations. This particular will always be the real secret in order to straightforward profits together with Google AdWords.

If youve played your current cards proper by bidding in an organization of LOW COST key phrases to promote your current affiliate link, you've an excellent potential for creating money. Then, just re-invest your earnings into your own AdWords advertising marketing campaign bidding about a lot more plus more key phrases to be able to increase the sales and income!

Google AdWords + the dedication to locate out along with APPLY this strategy may provide anyone along with economic freedom.The system for Los Angeles SEO Expert success can be right here in this web page and also its not Algebra or Calculus!

Its straightforward addition.Everything you'll need to produce truckloads of cash on the net is sitting below to suit your own needs on a silver platter!

Are you ready to enjoy the feast?

Come upon dinner is served DIG IN!

FOCUS FACTOR: In case money can always be your merely aim as well as the info on this page is practical for you to you, an individual really dont have for you to go any further. An Individual may make a comfortable living at home using ONLY this strategy. The Particular crucial is usually to know exactly that which you want and in addition to concentrate exclusively upon Google AdWords marketing until anyone arrive!

Actually, that really is actually the correct secret to be able to online achievement or perhaps good results in whatever else for in which issue Youve got to know what you want as well as youve reached use a single-minded FOCUS on your own objective until an individual attain it!

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